Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lingshan Buddha, Wuxi

Wuxi is one of the oldest cities in China with the history more than 3,000 years; located in Central Yangtze River Delta in Southeast Jiangsu province in East part of China, this city lies between Shanghai and Nanjing. It's 128 kilometres away from Shanghai to its east. Wuxi is the city which rich of natural source you can see a lot of trees, rivers and lakes along both side when you're on the way. Wuxi becomes one of the important industrial areas in China; it is the main center of textile and electron industry.

Lingshan Dafo (Lingshan Buddha)

Xiangfu TempleThe symbol of Wuxi, takes about 25 kilometres from downtown area. The Lingshan Sakyamuni Buddha (Lingshan dafo) stands solemnly at the site of famous Tang Dynasty Xiangfu Temple. The bronze icon is 250 feet long, 100 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty. Entirely made of tin and copper, the statue weights more than 700 tons. On the left side, the Shiwuwei seal is supposed to reduce suffering in the world while the Yuyuan seal on the right delivers happiness. The character on the Buddha's chest represents solemnity and virtue. With the nearby Taihu Lake and a beautiful range of hills, the Lingshan Buddha attracts the faithful. Xiangfu Temple

During Spring Festival, a lot of travelers from around the world come to Xiangfu Temple to listen to the tolling of the bell, believed to bring good luck. The bell - at 3.5 metres high and weighing in at 12 tons - is the biggest in South China.

How to get there

Take bus No.88 or 91 from Wuxi Railway Station.
If you are traveling from Shanghai, catch the tourist shuttles either at the Hongkou Football Stadium (07:30 on weekends) or at the Shanghai Stadium (08:20 on weekends).

Cost: 50 Yuan (0.61823 USD). Opening hours: 06:30-18:00.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. I was there just last week at this temple and it was very awesome. Where did you get the picture of the sky view of the temple?

12:11 AM  

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