Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Naughty Gift ideas in China Shop

Christmas is drawing near and you need some different accessories to celebrate this holiday. Here are some nice suggestions.

Christmas Card Picture
1 Santa Claus model It's so old. I'm tired of seeing the same fat man, clad in red and spiting a snowy beard. How about a sexy,young Santa with hot rippling muscles and short pants Women would certainly enjoy Christmas more! But if all else fails,"classic"Santa is still a choice.

Available: Piaoliang Supermarket, B/1,Sunshine Plaza,Anli Road,Yayuncun, Chaoyang Price: 245 yuan

2 Christmas card A card can be a little bit controversial-you either love it or hate it. Know why Cards show your popularity:the more cards you get, the more popular you are. When I was a kid,I only got three per year.Sympathy anyone? Send me one and ease my pain!

Available: F/5,Beijing Book Store,Xidan, Xicheng
Price: 2-20 yuan

3 Christmas treeRed isn't the only Christmas color. Green Christmas trees need some attention this holiday season too. Just be careful leaving the goat anywhere near it-he might be hungry.

Available: B/2,77 Street,Xidan,Xicheng
Price: 100-250 yuan

Candle Set Shop4 Candle set No candles on Christmas Eve Are you crazy Candles are the perfect decor for that steamy, romantic ambience.Where will you stick that burning thing Why in an IKEA candle set,of course. The way the light flickers against the translucent glass is dreamy

Available: IKEA, No 1,Taiyanggong Road,Dongbahe,Chaoyang
Price: 99 yuan (28cm),9.9 yuan (small)

5 Pet clothes This one isn't for you! Some festive pet clothes might help put Fluffy in the holiday sprit. I think it would be a great gift coupled with few bones. Don't neglect him this year-puppies his age still believe in Santa.

Available: No 45,Xinjiekou Nandajie,Xicheng
Price:49 yuan

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