Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Shanghai's Landmarks, China

Shanghai View Shanghai is the biggest city of china and also one of the biggest cities in the world; covering an area of 5,800 square kilometers or 2,239 square miles. Shanghai located on the estuary of Yangtze River of China near East China Sea. The annual temperature is about 15.7 Celsius with 4 seasons.

Huangpu River, Shanghai

Nuchy in ShanghaiHuangpu River has 97 kilometres longs, 400 metres wide and 9 metres deep, flowing northeast past Shanghai into the Chang estuary at Wusong. It divides Shanghai in to two parts; Pudong (East) and Puxi (West). Huangpu is the main water source of Shanghai, most of Shanghai drinking is from this river.

The Bund, Landmark of Shanghai

Waitan or The Bund, the world famous Bund, is the most attractive place of Shanghai as the symbol of Shanghai for hundred of years. At Zhongshan road one side is the beautiful buildings from pre-1949 times so Zhongshan has often been called The Museum of International Architectures and you can see a lot of sky scrappers while on the other hand is the bank of the Huangpu River; walking along the Bund you will see the beautiful scenic as Oriental Pearl TV Tower in the opposite site and also Jin Mao Tower. If you have a chance to come to The Bund you should not miss visit this speacil place.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Start at the Bund east and ends at Jingan Temple on Nanjing Road (West), the total long are about 5 kilometres. Nanjing Road is one of the world famous shopping streets also the important commercial street of China. You will enjoy with more than 300 hundred stores along the road, a lot of restaurants, theatres, the international hotels, modern shopping malls, specialty stores etc. Buildings along this street is very luxurious and beautiful, it will erase your thought of big air-opened market. Nanjing is the must go place for every shoppers; with countless of brands, new-fashion and super quality products.

Yuyuan (Yu Garden), Shanghai

Located in the south part of Shanghai, Yuyuan is also one of the most attractive places of Shanghai. Yuyuan is decorated in Suzhou-style garden; was built in Ming Dynasty, at the first time Yuyuan is a private garden of Pan Yunduan who spent 20 years with all his saving in his life to build this garden to please his parents in their old age and this is the source of the name Yuyuan because Yu in Chinese means "peace and health". Yuyuan is situated in the middle of Shanghai's old street shopping bazaar, for those who come to visit this place should not miss a chance to try Shanghai Xiaolongbao or Shanghai dumpling; it's very famous for hundred years with the full-flavoured taste.
"Those who have come to Shanghai but missed Yu Garden and the City God Temple Bazaar can not claim that they have been to the city."
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