Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Xi Shi the First of Four Beauties

Xi Shi ImageXi Shi was a legendary beauty of the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 B.C.) in ancient China, Xi Shi was the first name of Four Beauties of China. All the stories that we heard about Xi Shi always in the positive way because of her clever and extraordinary beautiful and also her loyalist of the province.

Xi Shi and a legendary beauty

One of Chinese folktale told that one day Xi Shi had a angina pectoris so she put her hand at her breast and knitted her brow then one ugly girl from the east village saw and thought that Xi Shi was very beautiful because of doing that so she did imitate Xi Shi, anyhow people saw that ugly girl did that all ran away from her. The fact was Xi Shi was very beautiful even doing that but that ugly girl didn't know the reason of Xi Shi's beauty.

Xi Shi had equally charming in both heavy and light makeup, slim or plump, fully dressed or naked, her exquisite features took beholders' breath away.

"An apperance of Xi Shi that would sink the most beautiful fish".

Background of 'Xi Shi'

Some Said that Xi Shi was Tai People, once her mom who was a very beautiful lady went to the river and played with the goldfish, it brought hyacinth and blew it into her mouth, she was so frighten then after that not so long she gestated and gave birth "Xi Shi".

Nationalist Lady 'Xi Shi'

In the ancient time Fu Chai, the governor of Yue province asked his nobleman "Fan Li" to seek for the most beautiful lady in the province to be the spy in Wu Province then in that time Fan Li got 2 ladies who were considered as the most beautiful ladies of province one of them was Xi Shi.

She was trained about every manners, arts, musical instrument and also martial art by Fan Li to be the most perfect lady of province, Fan Li taught Xi Shi to be nationalist and he'd got success, Xi Shi is a real nationalist lady, she could die for Yue province.

After that 3 years Xi Shi and another beautiful lady were sent to Wu Province to be the concubine of Fu Chai, the governor of Wu province. Fu Chai felt in love with Xi Shi at first sight as she was extraordinary beautiful, Fu Chai trust Xi Shi and never had doubt at all that Xi Shi was just a spy who came to destroy his province. For another girl as she thought that Xi Shi was more beautiful than her and Fu Chai also loves Xi Shi not her so she felt so sorry and finally died in the palace of Fu Chai in Wu province.

In the period of time that Xi Shi was in Wu province, Fu Chai never concentrated on the provinces' stuff and the court at all so that the corruptions could found everywhere; it's all because of Xi Shi's strategies.

The great military strategist "Sun Wu" or Sun Zi in the ancient Chinese history also had to back away from Xi Shi way because he could not see the way to knock her out from the court in the period of Emperor Fu Chai of Wu Province as she went there to be the spy for Emperor Fu Chai of Yue Province.

After few years Gou Jian made a war with Wu province and finally won the war then Fan Li took Xi Shi back and married her then two of them ran away to other place and lived happily until the last breath.
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Blogger Li Fang Wei said...

Thanks ^o^

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know the other girl's name of the two who were sent to Wu province?

9:06 AM  
Blogger pumfifa said...

Yes,I know Four Beauties of china Girls name Xi Shi, Diao Chan, Yang Guifei and Wang Zhaojun
Thanks you for you Comments

12:27 PM  
Blogger richard said...

The other girl name who were sent to Wu province was "Zheng Dan" from Spring and Autumn period. They caused the downfall of Wu kingdom. For their Yu kingdom, they were patriots.

Other three beauties are from later dynasties and periods. For Instance, Yang Guifei was from late Tang Dyansty.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Xishi lover said...

The girl who were sent to Wu province name was "Zheng Dan" from Spring and Autumn waring period of China. They were from Yu kingdom.

The other three beauties were from later period and dynasty. For instance, Yang Guifei was from later Tang Dyansty. They were many, many of generations different.

Xishi was the earliest and lucky to get a happy ending love story with Minister Fang Li.

When I went to visit Li garden of Wuxi, I saw their potraits near the entrance. According the legend Xishi was the most beautiful one among four ancient beauties.

We can conclude that Xishi is number one beauty of ancient china.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous japp said...

The another girl name was Zheng Dan from Yu Kingdom. Other three beauties were many generations different

1:12 PM  

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