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Shanghai the Modern City of China

The Bunds at Shanghai ImageThere a thousand things to shop in Shanghai, the modern shopping city of China where well-known as the “Oriental Pearl”. Shanghai is the largest economic center in China and also one of the 10 largest cities in the World.

Shanghai is famous all over the world for its modern metropolitan look rich historical and cultural resources through ages.

Shanghai covers the total area about 5,800 sq. km. Shanghai’s climate has a north subtropical marine monsoon climate with 4 distinct seasons, short spring and autumn, and long summer and winter.

The Best Travel Time to Shanghai

Shanghai has distinctive 4 seasons a year and all of 4 seasons are favorable for tourists since there is neither bitter cold in winter nor burning hot in summer. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for tourists to Shanghai.

Shopping Guide in Shanghai

Nanjing Lu Shopping Street Image
These are recommended shopping places in Shanghai and about what to shop… There are thousand things to shop at Shanghai and I will collect the information later now let's see some shopping places in Shanghai as below.
Nanjing Lu Shopping Street
Nanjing Lu Shopping Street of Shanghai was the earliest commercial street built in Shanghai since the city opened to foreign countries and has long enjoyed the good reputation as “China’s First Commercial Street.”

The street stretches across the central city of Shanghai with full length of 5.5 km., next to Huangpu River in the east and the cross point of Jing’an Temple and Yan’an Xilu in the west, and divided into two parts; Nanjing Donlu and Najing Xilu by Xizang Lu.

On the both sides of the street there are more than 360 stores which receive over 1.5 customers everyday. Famous commercial buildings in this street are as follows: Laojiefu Commercial Building, Household Electrical Appliance Commercial City, Silk Commercial Building, New World Commercial City, Hualian Plaza, No. 1 Department Store and Shanghai Commercial City ETC.
Huaihai Zhonglu Shopping Street
Huaihai Zhonglu is famous for the elegants goods and shopping environment with a saying of “Find the Leading Fashion in Huaihao Zhonglu.” Printemps Department Store and Parkson Shopping Center have become the most valuable stores in this golden street.

Most food stores in Huaihai Zhonglu are mainly selling the authentic western style snacks of their own flavor such as breads of Harbin, cakes of Old Dachang. Having some coffee in Yandang Lu or tasting “main course” at the Red House, you will enjoy the unique gracefulness of Huaihai Zhonglu.
Sichuan Lu Shopping Street
Shopping at Lu Shopping street where most commodities in this street are mainly the famous brands of China and various daily necessities in reasonable price which are most attractive to the salary person.
Xujiahui Commercial Center
The several large-scales stores can serve the customers with catering, shopping, and entertainment such as the Dongfang Commercial Building, Grand-Gateway Plaza, Pacific Department Store, No. 6 Department Store and Hui Jin Department Store, the commercial center can provide a great variety of commodities.
Night Life City by Shanghai Railway Station
Night Life City is an important city-level commercial center in northern Shanghai and tourist, souvenir, arts and crafts, local specialties, ancient coins, stamps and magnetic cards are the main businesses.
Yuyuan Tourist Mart
Yuyuan Tourist Mart has a reputation of “A Capital of Petty Commodities” and main character of “small, native, special rich”, there are 56 feature stores with over 12,000 kinds of commodities, flavor snacks such as Five-fragrant Bean, Pear Syrup Sweets (yummy yummy yummy), Shanghai Xiaolongbao, and Nanxiang steamed buns.

Shopping Tips in Shanghai

1. Shop assistants in some stores can speak English. Service of exchanging foreign currencies can be found in most shopping centers and tourist shops. The designated shops are the trustworthy places for shopping as their genuine goods and fair prices.

2. Pay more attention to the local goods, for these goods are genuine with reasonable prices, as souvenirs for your trip, can be given to relatives and friends as good presents.

3. Choose the small sized and portable goods as you can. Take fewer luggages and buy no breakable.

4. Pay attention to the price tags. When shopping, see clearly the prices, be careful about the prices, be careful about the unit-price and the unit. Now 3 color tags have been used in Shanghai as the red tag means negotiable price, yellow means special offer and blue means actual price. Knowing well about these tags will help you to be a reasonable consumer.
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