Monday, October 31, 2005

Ancient Chinese Mummy

Image of Lady Dai's MummyWhat’s Mummy

“Mummy” when anyone hears this word, they will mostly think about Egypt but how many people know that China had the best preserved bodies in the world…
Mummy is the corpse of death people which preserved by the special chemicals that is keep the corpse dry and cold so that the corpse will not decay. Normally the mummy were embalmed by the by unusual natural condition in order to keep the corpse but for the reason have to specify where the mummy was found because it depends on different culture in different part of the world.

One thing that is still suspicious until now is why the development of each culture in different parts of the world grew in the same way as in Egypt and China; these two countries had the similar culture to preserve the corpses as the mummies despite the territories of China and Egypt are very far away and no communication in that time.

Lady Dai, Chinese MummyLady Dai

The left image is the image of the reconstructed statue of a youthful Lady Dai from the Ancient Han Dynasty and the right image is the resontructed image of Lady Dai at aged about 50 years old.

Lady Dai was a noble woman from the Western Han Dynasty which ruled 2,100 years ago; is now housed in the state-of-the-art Hunan Museum in Changsha, Hunan province in the Central of China.

The corpse is so well preserved that can be autopsied by pathologists and the cadaver is look like recently deceased human being.

A lot of visitors come to visit her everyday with the wondering how the ancient morticians embalmed her and what materials did they use?

Diva Mummy, Lady Dai

China became a source of fascination for scientist from around the world because of the rich culture and numerous mysteries and treasures buried deep under the land and the sea. “Diva Mummy”, Lady Dai is the top attractive which invites the visitors for coming to see the great mysteries of archaeology.

The Mummy of Lady Dai is the mummy of all mummies; her corpse was the most well-preserved which may be remains for eternity…

Inside the Tomb

Image of objects inside the tombMore than 1,000 perfectly preserved artifacts which claimed to be the most perfectly preserved corpse ever found were found inside the tomb.
This tomb is belonged to the wife of the ruler of the Han imperial fiefdom of Dai, Xin or Lady Dai died between 178 and 145 BC at the age about 50 years old.

The objects inside the tomb revealed that Lady Dai was a wealth and important woman who enjoyed the good things in her life.

As the belief of Chinese about the next life there were not only a lot of the exquisite lacquer dinnerware but also the exotic foods and the fine fabrics that would followed her to immortality also well-preserved state of her remains.
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