Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Chen Concubine's Tomb, Suzhou

Suzhou, the city in southeast of Jiangsu province in eastern China, is the oldest city in Yangtze basin with several thousand years. Suzhou is so famous in beautiful landscape nowadays this city is preserved by the government, build the tall building is not allowed in this city you can see only 2-3 stories building because they want to keep this city to be tourism city with ancient, peace, natural and no pollution.

Suzhou's EnvironmentSuzhou Ancient town

As Suzhou has numerous garden inside the city so there's no pollution at all. A flavorable location of Suzhou and mild climate with the annual temperature 15.7 Celcius attract a lot of tourists, it has been a famous historical and cultural city in China since the ancient time. The old-style houses and buildings in Suzhou are pervaded with ordour of ancient. When you are in Suzhou even in downtown you will feel like cut back to hundred years ago.

Chen Concubine's Tomb, Suzhou

Chen Concubine's TombOn the way from Shanghai to Suzhou you can see Chen Concubine's Tomb which is one of the attractions of Suzhou. Chen Concubine is one of the concubines in Tang dynasty. In my opinion the girl who had to be concubine in China ancient time was very pity like this concubine even how much the emperor was so in love with her but she'd never be number one but still better than thousand of concubine left some of them never got a chance to see the emperor for all of her life time and had to be in the royal palace.

Anyway Chen Concubine was the one who impressed by the emperor so she’s the one who was very lucky and after she'd got sick the emperor ordered every one to find the best doctor from everywhere to cure his mostly love concubine but after she'd sick for 3 days 3 nights she died finally. The emperor was so sorry about this, he couldn't govern the country anymore just lived day by day likes no spirit to do anything for this life anymore, for this situation can you imagine the feeling of the empress and other concubines those who were also deep in love with the emperor?

After the dead of Chen concubine for few years the emperor built the tomb for her, the tomb is in the middle of canal just to recall the good period of time in the past when they sailed along this canal. In the middle of the tomb there's a statue of Chen Concubine surrounded by the peaceful and beautiful garden, and Cemeterythe tomb is backward inside. Actually take a photo here is not allowed because Chinese they believe that the one who takes a photo here will take back grieve of the emperor and also the worse luck of Chen Concubine.

This is one of sad love story about China but next time I will continue something lively about Suzhou.
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