Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Qingdao’s Information

Image of Qingdao Beach
Qingdao is located in the south of Shandong in the eastern part of China. Shandong is considered to be one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization with the history more than 5,000 years; it is the home of a large number of historical figures which are the important evident in contemporary China.

The total area of Qingdao is 10,654 Square Kilometers; it is located in the flatlands with mountains spurring up nearby. The highest area is at 1133 meters about sea level. The total coastline of the city is 730.64 kilometers and there are five significant rivers flow more than 50 kilometers pass this city.

Confucianism was the ancient religion founded by Confucius who was the great thinker, educators and statesman in Ancient China; is the pillar of traditional Chinese Culture which has brought great influence in the World.

Climate in Qingdao

You can enjoy mild summers with the average July temperature at 23.4 degree Celsius and relatively warm winters with the average January temperature at -0.7 degree Celsius.

Qingdao, the Green Island of China

Qingdao in Chinese means Green Island; it was just a small fishing town in Ancient China until in 1897 Qing Dynasty was forced to lease Qingdao to Germany for 99 years after 2 German missionaries in Shandong Province were killed.

The Germans expanded good infrastructure in Qingdao, they built a lot of typical German-style city and also expanded excellent harbor. The Germans built the rail connection to the provincial capital and piping in spring water from Laoshan.

In 1903 a beer brewery was built in Qingdao and today Qingdao becomes a center of producing beer in China.

Today’s Qingdao

You can see the mixture of ancient European and modern style architecture in Qingdao. Bada Guan (means eight passes) the area which close to No. 2 Bathing Beach has 10 streets lines with more than 100 western villas. Each street is lined with a single type of tree which is spacious and blessed with greenery. Local residents can tell what street by looking at the trees.

Qingdao nowadays becomes the major sea-spot for a lot of tourists because of the beautiful beaches; the most popular one is Huiquan Beach or the No. 1 bathing beach.

As Qingdao is the center of Chinese producing beer, Qingdao’s beer is extremely smooth and fresh and also very cheap. I recommend to take a chance to try once.
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