Monday, January 16, 2006

The Golden Lotus (解放脚) - Footbinding in China

Ancient Chinese Woman with FootbindingOne of the Ancient Chinese Tradition which is surprised people all over the world because of this erotic tradition in Chinese Ancient Time is footbinding in Chinese women.

Some said that Footbinding is the "Evil Habits of Han", for me whoever innovated this custom that person was completely devil and crazy, how come people could imagine the method to hurt people by bind the foot???

Introduction to Footbinding

Back to 1,000 years started from the early 10th century until 1912 was the period for the Chinese Tradition of the foodbinding for young girl's feet which caused painful to chinese girls for all over the country. The custom of binding the young girl's feet would start from 5 years old girl, mother or grandmother bound their girl's feet with the long white cloth by left only their toes left of course the feet changed from the natural way could cause terrible painful then their feet were tied very tightly until disable but still forced to walk...

Ancient Chinese people believed that as small as they could make by the footbinding shown the high position and beautiful of that woman, the smallest of feet became the source of pride and finally footbinding became the fashion among chinese society and the source of admiration for the beauty of the small bound foot. The girl who was not bound her feet would not have any guy to marry with.

There some theory of the footbinding practice, the first theory said that footbinding was a way to subjugate women and keep them at home and the second theory said that footbinding was a fashion in that period, Ancient Chinese people select the bride from the size of her feet...

Footbinding and Sex

Ancient Chinese guy looked at woman's feet before her face, the size of the golden lotus or bound feet were about 3-4 inches only. Women who were bound their feet walked with a "lotus gait" that tightened their pelvic muscles. "Chinese Guys said it was like always making love to a virgin", some also said that they love the smell from the women's feet that were bound because it made them feel horny and want to have more sex.

The Golden Lotus : Chinese Bound-Foot Shoes

Only the 3-inches feet were considered to be the golden lotus, in the past women made the bound-foot shoes by themselves because it was very difficult to move and she had to use it so every feet-bound women had to learn how to make the bound-foot shoes for themselves.

Physical Problems from Footbinding

Crippled gait was the most obvious physical effect from the footbinding following by gangrene, paralysis, infection and muscle atrophy. Anyway there were few document about the specific physical problems associated with the first few months or years of footbinding.

The documents that are available to confirm the fact of painful and bleeding still be discussed pus in the bindings and shoes, The reference to pus and blood does point toward intection.
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