Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shanghai China : Food Paradise City

Chinese Food Court ShanghaiAs a modern and big city in the world, Shanghai has attracted a great number of brilliant chefs from other parts of China, and has become one of China's gastronomic centres of the eight major Chinese cuisine.
During years of culinary practice, absorbing the art and skills of other styles of cuisine, Shanghai chefs have created varied styles of cuisine peculiar to every region.

Stir Fried Chinese Egg NoodleShanghai dishes are characterized by using heavy flavoured sauce, cooked in deep fat and soy sauce, in fact , the food is palatable, it retains its primary nutrition by braising with red sauce, stir-frying, simmering, deep-frying and pan-frying. These are a traditional cooking style of China.

Chinese Fried Filled WontonVegetarian cuisine in Shanghai has also been developed. Taking vegetables, bean products, dried mushrooms, fungus and bamboo shoots, these are a major ingredients that you can find in every fresh market in China, chefs make savoury dishes resembling non-vegetarian ones only without the smells of meat and fish,

which are frowned upon by the vegetarians. The skills of the chefs are often marvelled by the diners.

Chinese Steam Filled BunWith the increasing contacts between Shanghai and other parts of the world, more and more visitors from abroad are coming to visit to Shanghai China.

With a view to suit for these visitors, western-styled restaurants have been set up for them. These restaurants offer English, French, German, Italian or Russian cuisine. It's good idea to travel in Shanghai China just for taste chinese food because there are a thousand delicious foods wait you to taste.
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Explore All China : China National Museum Beijing

When you travel in China and you want to go some place which talks all about China and Chinese and you suppose to travel there within a day. I suggest you to go China National Museum. This place collects everything all about China, history, cultural and people’s living in the past till now.

China National Museum Beijing : Exterior

Service in China National Museum

There are over 100 volunteer guides provide you for free any traveler so you will understand more about China when you travel in the museum. Lectures respond with the exhibition contents and social focus is available for you and also acoustic guide equipment. Also there are service of wheelchairs, cradle and first aid facilities for free.

For working hours :

- Normal hours : open 7 days a week, 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM but last ticket sold at 3.30 PM

- Peak season hours : (May 1 – 7, July 1 – August 31, October 1 – 7 ) Open 7 days a week, 8.00 AM – 6.00 PM and last ticket sold at 5.00 PM Note : the museum closes 1 day a year on the day before Chinese New Year’s Day.

For ticket :

Ticket price is 30 Yuan per person but this price is not for special exhibition. The museum purchase tickets for groups also.

China National Museum Beijing : Entrance Way

Basic Functions in the China National Museum

1. Safekeeping, management and scientific conservation of collections
2. Exhibitions Area
3. Education and Information Service
4. Academic Research
5. Field Archaeological Research Center
6. Underwater ArchaeologicalResearchCenter
7. Remote Sensing and Aero-photographic Archaeological Research Center
8. Cultural Exchanges

Address of the museum

16, East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng district, Beijing 100006, China
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Color Up Your Life : Shanghai China

Shanghai China Night ColorfulChina, the wide and large country in the world and of course there are many several and varity of cultural and people. Not only Beijing is the well-known city in China, it has many city that I would like to advice but today I would like to talk about Shanghai.

Shanghai China located along Yangtze River, this is the largest industrial city in China.

In the past Shanghai was a seaside fishing village and at this moment Shanghai is a multi-cultural metropolis with both modern and traditional Chinese features. Bubbling Shanghai shows off every aspect of her unique glamour.

Shanghai China Tea House
Shanghai is well-know of “the Oriental Paris” and Shanghai has three key areas of interest to the visitor. These comprise Sightseeing, Business and Shopping centered upon People's Square and along the Huangpu River.

The city's Cultural Center with its public activities and community facilities and finally the main Entertainment and Holiday Tourism area is located at Mt. Sheshan, Chongming Island, Dingshan Lake and Shenshuigang Area.

Now Shanghai continues to grow and prosper meeting the aspirations of the 21st century while retaining its proud traditional cultural and hospitality.
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Peaceful Place Guizhou China

General Information

Guizhou, a multi-national province on the eastern section of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southwestern China, has an area of more than 170,000 square kilometers and a population of 27.77 million, of which 80.4 per cent live in the rural areas and 19.6 per cent in the cities.

It is inhabited by more than six million china minority people, or one-fourth of its total population, from the Miao, Bouyei, Dong, Yi, Shut, Hui, Gelo, Zhuang, Yao and other nationalities.

Climate Information

Guizhou has a humid, sub-tropical monsoonal climate with warm winters, mild summers and unclear seasonal contrasts. It has a mean annual temperature of 15-17ºC. and a mean annual precipitation of 900-1,500 mm.
It has more overcast days than any other part of China, the area around Guiyang averaging 220 cloudy days a year.

Famous Tourist Attractions

- Guiyang
- City of Gardens
- Underground Park
- Xifeng Hot Springs
- Caohai Lake
- Haungguoshu Falls
- Maotai Village
- Flower Stream (Huaxi)

Flower Stream : Huaxi, Guizhou China

The high light of Flower Stream :

Huaxi, this is an extraordinarily beautiful park with willows and blooming jasmine lining the banks of a clear winding stream. One of the park’s attractions is a series of stepping stones across the stream, which provide a pleasant way of getting to the other side. Visitors can take a rest at pavilions or terraces under the shade of trees in Flower Stream, Huaxi China.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Let's Taste Yummy Chinese Noodle Soup

Chinese Egg Noodles

Chinese Egg Noodle Soup With ChickenThis kind of long yellow noodles made with wheat flour and eggs. They are available as a round noodle in various thicknesses and can also be fond as a flattened noodle in various widths.
Chinese Egg Noodles are golden yellow in color and generally found wrapped tightly in a bundle or nest. They should be cooked similar to Italian egg noodles.

Cooking Time : Dried noodles - Cook in boiling water for 3 to 6 minutes, depending on size. If adding to a soup, slightly undercook the noodles. Fresh noodles - Cook for 1 to 3 minutes. If adding to a soup, fresh noodles can be added without precooking.

Chinese Wheat Noodles

Chinese Wheat Noodle Soup With BeefThis long round or flat noodles made with wheat, water and salt. They are found in various thicknesses and are generally white or light yellow-beige in color.

Cooking Time : Dried Noodles - Cook in boiling water for 4 to 7 minutes, depending on size. Fresh Noodles - Cook for 2 to 4 minutes.

Chinese Noodle Soups are another famous dish except Dim Sum and you can order this fastfood anywhere in china.

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Dim Sum : One Famous Chinese Food

Dim Sum is one famous food in China and you can eat Dim Sum anytime you want, in the morning, enjoy with friends at lunch or tasted Dim Sum with family at night.

Chinese Dim Sum In Basket StreamerDim Sum is the Chinese meal of magic. In the Canton provinces, many people gather at tea houses during the morning and early afternoon to socialize or conduct business over small meals.

In China this is most popularly called going to yum cha -- going to tea -- because the drinking of tea is so strongly associated with the snack foods served.

Dim Sum Chinese Famous Food
Most Dim Sum foods are savory pastries -- steamed or fried dumplings, filled buns, noodles. There are also sweet pastries, vegetables, meats.

The portions are bite-sized, and they are served in small quantities, usually three or four to a plate, so that the diners can enjoy a variety of foods, whether they eat very little or indulge in a huge feast.

Variety is one of the keys to Dim Sum. Some restaurants offer over 100 different items on a busy day.

Chinese Yummy Dim Sum
So you can say that Dim Sum is Chinese fastfood and you can see it anywhere in China...ummmmmm....yummy!!
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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Chinese Valentine's Day : Romantic Stories

TV Serie Of The Couple Of Chines Valentine's DayFor Chinese Valentine's Day also has the romantic story. There are 2 romantic story of Chinese Valentine's Day...

Chinese Valentine's Day : First story

The seven daughters of the Goddess of Heaven caught the eye of a Cowherd during one of their visits to earth. The daughters were bathing in a river and the Cowherd, Niu Lang, decided to have a bit of fun by running off with their clothing. It fell upon the prettiest daughter (who happened to be the seventh born), to ask him to return their clothes.

The Couple Of Chinese Valentine's DayOf course, since Niu Lang had seen the daughter, Zhi Nu, naked, they had to be married. The couple lived happily for several years. Eventually however, the Goddess of Heaven became fed up with her daughter's absence, and ordered her to return to heaven.

However, the mother took pity on the couple and allowed them to be reunited once a year. Legend has it that on the seventh night of the seventh moon, magpies form a bridge with their wings for Zhi Nu to cross to meet her husband.

Chinese Valentine's Day : Second story

Chinese Valentine's Day Romantice StoryNiu Lang and Zhi Nu were fairies living on opposite sides of the Milky Way. Feeling sorry for the two lonely sprites, the Jade Emperor of Heaven actively tried to bring them together.

Unfortunately, he succeeded too well - Niu Lang and Zhi Nu became so enraptured with each other that they neglected their work. Annoyed, the Jade Emperor decreed that from that point on, the couple could only meet once a year - on the seventh night of the seventh moon.

On June 7th Chinese couples will celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day. It's not importance this day for couples only, you can celebrate Valentine's Day to people you love such as your family or your friends.
Let's celebrate Valentine's Day to anybody you love...
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Chinese Valentine’s Day

There are chocolate and flower for international Valentine's day but it differs to Chinese Valentine's day.
Qi Qiao Jie, or the seventh eve, is often referred to as Chinese Valentine's Day. While the annual gift giving commonly associated with St. Valentine's Day doesn't take place, there are several charming customs associated with this romantic day for lovers.

About Chinese Valentine’s day

Chinese Valentine's Day CookiesIn Chinese lunar calendar, July 7th is regarded as the Chinese Valentine's Day. Traditionally it has a special meaning for girls, on which they burn joss sticks to pay their courtesy and obeisance to gods and beg for a light hand at housework and a perfect match in marriage.

Chinese Valentine's Day StorySince it falls in the harvest day, some melons and fruit are usually placed on the table as sacrifice. A small test is said to be able to tell if you are a capable girl. On that night, when the moon is high up in the sky, you put a needle on the water surface, if it doesn't sink, then you are already smart enough. And there is a beautiful folktale about the origin of this festival.

Next time I will tell you about a romantic story of Chinese Valentine's Day...
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Friday, June 23, 2006

Suzhou Embroidery : China’s Traditional Art

Suzhou Embroidery China Beautiful ArtSuzhou embroidery from China, Hunan embroidery, Sichuan embroidery and Guangdong embroidery are the four most famous in China. Suzhou embroidery has a long history.

It has been excavated in Auspicious Tower and Mount Tiger Tower made in Northern Song in Five dynasties. The pieces of embroidery on characters, animals and flowers, mountains and water are for appreciation.

They can also be made into pictures, book marks, a set of hanging scrolls, etc. There are also the varieties of embroidery: single-side embroidery, double-side embroidery of different colors.

Suzhou Embroidery China Traditional ArtDouble-side embroidery, the specific style of suzhou embroidery can be appreciated from both sides. Pictures look exactly the same and wonderful on both sides.
Special ways are used in knitting instead of knotting. There the end of silk threads are invisible. You still see this traditional ancient art of China at this century and you will wonder how its so much beautiful.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Suzhou China : Basic Informaiton

Have you ever traveled in Suzhou China? Somebody has a plan to travel China in the future or soon but you still don't know where to travel or to visit. Today I introduce you about Suzhou China for basic information and it would be useful for you in the future.


Situated in the south of Jiangsu Province, in the middle of the Yangtze Delta; in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and on the shores of Taihu Lake, bordering on Shanghai in the east, Zhejiang Province in the south , Taihu Lake in the west and the Yangtze River in the north.

Climatic Features:

In the north edge of subtropical zone, monsoon maritime climate; mild and humid; with enough sunshine

Local Highlights:

Kunqu Opera, Suzhou Opera and Ballad-sing; silk; handicrafts such as: Suzhou Embroidery, Fans, national musical instruments, scroll mounting, lanterns, mahogany furniture, jade carving, silk tapestry, traditional painting pigments of Jiangenxutang Studio, the New Year's wood-block prints of Taohuamu Studio, etc; Yangcheng Lake huge crab

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Traveling China : Basic FAQ

These are some questions which mostly asked and maybe they would be your basic information before you decide to travel for your long vacation or holiday in China.

What do you do when check-in at China airport?

Besides showing your valid ID. Ticket and tax coupon, you need to check-in your non-carryon luggage. You may need to pay for the overweight luggage.

Where can I find Internet in China?

Most 4 or 5 hotels provide convenient Internet service with reasonable fees. In most big cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao in China, you can easiliy find internet cafe? usually no drinks supplied.

How to dress while you travel in China?

During the day-time tour, shirt, T-shirt, jeans, Shorts and sneaker are all very practicle. The regular daily 3 meals too.
Unless there is a show or special dinner, it is nice to dress up as you used to do in your own country. But that doesn’t mean you need to pack several suits or dresses even if there are several special occasions during your trip.

Can I arrange my own meal rather than the pre-arranged restaurants in the tours?

In a guided tour in China, having lunch with the group is easier for you to enjoy the tour, and it's easier for us to operate the tour. You may arrange your own dinner.

What days are the workdays in China? What about shops and stores hours?

Five days a week, 8 hours a day, normally from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All the government offices, institutions, schools,hospitals and other units do not work on Saturdays and Sundays.
The emergency clinic is open when the hospital is closed. Shops are open everyday, normally from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. In big cities, stores close late. In summer stores close later than in winter.

What's the best buy in China?

Silk, tea, antiques, paintings and calligraphy, Chinese medicines, handicrafts such as paper-cutting, replicas of terra-cotta horses and warriors and other articles with Chinese flavor are all ideal souvenirs and good gifts for friends.

Have a nice vacation in China!

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Friday, June 16, 2006

China : Tourist Visa Requirement

These China Visa Application Instructions summary would useful for some tourists who have plan to visit or travel in China but still not know how to do or what to do.

Passport Validity

Your signed passport must be valid and with sufficient blank visa pages for any visa stamps (Note: passport page 22, 23, 24 are not visa pages, and can not be used for visas) The passport's expiration date must be greater than six months from the date of entry for the China visa you are applying for.
If your passport does not meet the requirements, you must renew your passport or obtain a new passport.

You need to send your original passport to obtain the visa.

Complete Application

You can print out for the application form from the official website of China Embassy

1 Passport photograph

China Visa Validity

Single entry visas are to be used within 3 months of issue. Double entry visas can be issued for 3 or 6 months, but usually 3 months. Time allowed to stay in China is 30 days for most visas.

China Visa Processing Time

Visas are usually processed in 5 working days. 24 - Hours and same day processing are available for additional fees. Service fee for regular processing is $49.00. Rush service fee of $98 will be assessed for any attempts to process the China visa in less than regular processing time.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Xian China : Attraction City

Do you know Xian China? It is the eternal city, records the great changes of the Chinese nation just like a living history book. Called Chang'an in ancient times, Xian is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization in the Yellow River Basin area of the country.

About Xian China

Xian is the capital of Shaanxi province, located in the southern part of the Guanzhong Plain. With the Qinling Mountains to the south and the Weihe River to the north, it is in a favorable geographical location surrounded by water and hills.

It has a semi-moist monsoon climate and there is a clear distinction between the four seasons. Except the colder winter, any season is relatively suitable for traveling.

Xian China Tourist Attractions

Cultural and historical significance of the area, as well as the abundant relics and sites, help Xian enjoy the laudatory title of 'Natural History Museum'.
The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is praised as 'the eighth major miracle of the world',

Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang is listed on the World Heritage List, and the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the largest and most intact Ming Dynasty castle in the world.
In the city, there is the 3,000 year old Banpo Village Remains from the Neolithic Age (approximately from 8000 BC to 5000 BC), and the Forest of Stone Steles that holds 3,000 stone steles of different periods from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty.

Around Xian, the Famen Temple enjoys the reputation of being the 'forefather of pagodas and temples in Central Shaanxi,' because it holds the finger bones of Sakyamuni -- the founder of Buddhism.

The natural landscape around Xian is also marvelous Mt.Huashan one of the five best-known mountains in China, is famous for its breath-taking cliffs and its unique characteristics.

Xian China Nightlife

Night life in Xian has a unique glamour. Traditional ways include enjoying the night scenery around the Bell Tower, taking part in a Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, strolling on the ancient Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square and watching the music fountain performance.
More modern and fashionable ways include singing in the KTV, hanging out in a bar, or dancing in a Disco. All in all, any experience in this ancient city will bring you fun and possibly a little surprise!
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Imperial Park Beihai Park Beijing China

Beihai Park Beijing China is located in the center of Beijing City, close to the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park China.This imperial park has a history of over a thousand years. More than half of the park is covered by water.

In the north area of the park is a big pool called Taiye Pool connecting the other two pools with each other. This Pool is also known as Beihai (North Sea). There are many places of interests in the park like Bai Ta (White Dagoba), the Five-Dragon Pavilion, the Nine-Dragon Wall and so on.

Imperial Beihai Park Beijing China in the center of Beijing has an area of more than 70 hectares with a water surface of 39 hectares. To its north is Shishahai Lake and to its east is Jingshan Park. The Palace Museum is to its southeast, a short distance.
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Thursday, June 08, 2006

China Culture : Old Generation New Generation

Chinese Old And New General FamilyCulture of China is quite unique and special. It contains wonderful and delightful arts and customs as well as very interesting ways of life. Yet there is one aspect of Chinese Culture that truly sets it apart from other cultures and countries: the connected split between Old and New.

China Culture as a whole can clearly be divided into two: Traditional Culture and Modern Culture. Like all other cultures of the world, the Chinese Culture is changing continually. Throughout history it has evolved and changed, especially during the 20th century.

New Generation In Old Generation DressSocial scientists believe that there are four chief factors that cause a culture to change: changes in the environment, contact with other cultures, invention, and the further development of the culture itself.

The last three have proved to be the key factors in China's cultural change from old to new, as China began opening its doors to foreign relations and making scientific, technological, social, and economic advances.

Chnese In The BottleMany of the topics and areas explored in this site are divided into the sections of Traditional and Modern. The two "subcultures" of Chinese Culture are clearly distinct and different; yet, they are also connected together, even "co-existing".
Although separate in history, they are linked together in the Chinese society.
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Saturday, June 03, 2006

China Festival : Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival or Yuanxiao Jie is a traditional Chinese festival for people having fun, which is on the 15th of the first month of the Chinese New Year. The festival marks the end of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese started to celebrate the Lantern Festival from the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 221 AD). Like most other Chinese festivals, there is also a story behind the Festival. It is also believed that the festival has Taoist origins.

About the Lantern Festival and special sweet

On the night of the Lantern Festival in China main land, people go on streets with a variety of lanterns under the full moon, watching lions or dragon dancing, playing Chinese riddles and games, and lighting up firecrackers. There is really a lot of fun for the all ages of China's people, young or old.

The festival is not well celebrated in the US, though you may find celebrations in some Chinese communities, such as Hsi Lai Temple, Hacienda Heights, California.

Yuanxiao is a kind of sweet dumpling, which is made with sticky rice flour filled with sweet stuffing.
And the Lantern Festival is named after the famous dumpling. Yuanxiao is sticky, sweet and round in shape, symbolizing family unity, completeness and happiness.
Enjoy the Lantern Festival of China's culture and the yummy Yuanxiao, China's traditional sweet.
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Friday, June 02, 2006

China Top 10 Lucky Characters

Chinese characters usually have one or more meanings and some of them are particularly loved by Chinese people. These are the top 10 list of the lucky meaning in China. Be careful Pinyin is also used here, which is the Chinese spelling system for the characters. For example, fu is the pinyin for good luck in Chinese. But fu is only the phonic part of the character and it also represents other Chinese characters that sound the same.

1. Fu means Blessing, Good Fortune, Good Luck

Fu is one of the most popular Chinese characters used in Chinese New Year. It is often posted upside down on the front door of a house or an apartment. The upside down Fu means good luck came since the character for upside down in Chinese sounds the same as the character for came.

2. Lu means Prosperity

It used to mean official's salary in feudal China. Fengshui is believed to be the Chinese way to health, wealth and happiness.

3. Shou means Longevity

Shou also means life, age or birthday.

4. Xi means Happiness

Double happiness is usually posted everywhere on Chinese weddings.

5. Cai means Wealth, Money

Chinese often say money can make a ghost turn a millstone. It is to say money really can do a lot of things.

6. He means Harmonious

'People harmony' is an important part of Chinese culture. When you have harmonious relations with others, things will be a lot easier for you.

7. Ai means Love, Affection

Don't need to say any more about this one. Just want to point out ai is often used with 'mianzi' together. Aimianzi means 'be concerned about one's face-saving.'

8. Mei means Beautiful, Pretty

The United States of American is called Mei Guo in the short form. Guo means country so Meiguo is a good name.

9. Ji means Lucky, Auspicious, Propitious

Hope all is well.

10.De means Virtue, Moral

De means virtue, moral, heart, mind, and kindness, etc. It is also used in the name for Germany, i.e., De Guo.
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