Friday, June 23, 2006

Suzhou Embroidery : China’s Traditional Art

Suzhou Embroidery China Beautiful ArtSuzhou embroidery from China, Hunan embroidery, Sichuan embroidery and Guangdong embroidery are the four most famous in China. Suzhou embroidery has a long history.

It has been excavated in Auspicious Tower and Mount Tiger Tower made in Northern Song in Five dynasties. The pieces of embroidery on characters, animals and flowers, mountains and water are for appreciation.

They can also be made into pictures, book marks, a set of hanging scrolls, etc. There are also the varieties of embroidery: single-side embroidery, double-side embroidery of different colors.

Suzhou Embroidery China Traditional ArtDouble-side embroidery, the specific style of suzhou embroidery can be appreciated from both sides. Pictures look exactly the same and wonderful on both sides.
Special ways are used in knitting instead of knotting. There the end of silk threads are invisible. You still see this traditional ancient art of China at this century and you will wonder how its so much beautiful.

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