Saturday, May 13, 2006

Shopping Souvenir Chengdu China

Chengdu China, the capital of Sichuan : the "land of abundance", stands in western Sichuan, where there is a huge expanse of land, greeness high mountains, long clear rivers as the chineses ancient poem and the well-known Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve.

Hot pickled mustard tuber has a long history, and Sichuan embroidery, porcelain in a bamboo basket, Wuliangye liquor, Luzhou Laojiao liquor and Jiannachun liquor have been well-known in abroad.

There are many shopping places or bazaars in Chengdu China that you can shopping anytime you want with varities of souvenir.

Famous Bazaars

- People's Plaza
- Chengdu Department Store
- Lotus Pond Market
- Red Flag Plaza
- Parkson Square

Famous Production

- Bamboo Production

Since Chengdu is home to the panda, the area is also home to bamboo. Apart from food for the bears, bamboo is used to make covers and mats for vases, teapots, bowls, caskets etc. Only a special type of bamboo is used to make these pieces.

This kind of stuff is very fashionable in the west at the moment and the Chengdu Bamboo Weaving Factory, is the most famous factory making bamboo products in Chengdu. The prices here are much more reasonable than in the west too!

- Laquerware

Chengdu is one of the major producers of lacquer ware. The Chinese name the different types of laquerware according to the method of production. Many different types of laquer product are produced in Chengdu including wall decorations and screens.

Some pieces are covered with flax, paper or plastic before they are painted to avoid the wood rotting. The main factory producing these exquisite pieces is the Chengdu Lacquer Craft Factory at 81 Jinghejie.

- Silk Tapestry

Silk tapestry are hand made rugs which use silk and spun silk as materials. After the tapestry has been spun by machine, the pattern is delicately woven by hand. This is a popular wall hanging. The tapestry is smooth and sleek and to touch it feels soft and springy. China exports this product to the west and southeast Asia and this makes a lovely souvenir.

- Silverware

Chengdu has long been famous for its silverware. Chengdu silver is produced from extremely thin and fine threads of metal, which are as thin as hair. The delicate pieces are welded together and made into jewelry, wall decorations, table decorations and other pretty pieces.
Silverware is widely available throughout Chengdu. Try the Arts & Crafts Service Department Store.
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