Friday, May 05, 2006

Chinese Ancient Mystery Mummies

Don’t let their names confuse you. The desert mummies are often referred to by the names of the places where they were found or now reside (museums).

They are referred to as Cherchan Mummies, Tarim Basin Mummies, Takla Makan Mummies, Urumchi Mummies, the Desert Mummies, Qawrighut (where Loulan was found), etc.

This basin, full of pits of salt (where nothing can grow), became a large cemetery. The greatest mystery is, "What were Caucasians doing in China at this time?"

Some of the Takla Makan mummies found in the desert could have been sacrificial victims. A young woman was found partially dismembered and her eyes had been gouged out. A baby boy had apparently been buried alive. The desert basin is full of other ancient burial sites. Only time will let the mummies tell the full story of the secrets of their past.

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