Wednesday, April 05, 2006

World Biggest Country : China

Everybody would know China, the biggest country of the world, China is one country which has many cultures and people in the world. If you would like to travel China all over, you may spend time in China over a year because of the wide area of China and there are many small provinces which physical features are pure and natural.

China General Infomation

Population: 1.26 billion

Time Zone: +8 GMT/UTC

Driving side: Drivers drive on the left hand side of the road

Languages: Mandarin is the official language but 8 main diale

Religion: The Chinese government professes atheism but has freedom of religion in its constitution.
The three main religions are Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.
Small groups of Muslim and Christianity adherants are also present even though Christianity

Most Attraction Place in China

There are many man made splendours to be seen in China, one of which is the Great Wall of China which stretches from Beijing to the Gobi Desert.

The Forbidden City in Beijing is a fascinating ancient complex of buildings - and is happily not forbidden to visitors! Another must - see are the 2000 year old Terracotta Soldiers, a major archaeological find of life sized warriors and horses found in 1974.

The beautiful peaks of Huang Shan mountains and the purity of the Tibetian natures reserves are a couple of natural destinations that are waiting to be explored, as is the great Yangzi River, down which a leisurely cruise can be taken.
Visit the scenic province of Kunming or take a pilgrimage to the legendary Kathmandu.
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