Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dazhongsi Big Bell Temple China

About The Dazhongsi Big Bell Temple in China

The temple was first built in 1733, it was called the Temple of Righteous Awakening. In 1743, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (China), a giant bell was transferred from the Temple of Longevity China(Wanshousi) to this temple. From then on, it has commonly been referred to as the Big Bell Temple (Dazhongsi) of China.

It is said that Yao Guangxiao cast the bronze bell during the Yongle period (1403-1424) of the Ming Dynasty (China). The bell is 6.87 meters high, 3.3 meters in diameter, 0.22 meter thick and weighs 46.5 tons. Known as the "Huayan Bell."

The Dazhongsi Big Bell Temple is situated in Beisanhuan Xilu China (western section of the North 3rd Ring Road), approximately two kilometers east of Haidian Road.

Address : No.31, Western Section of the North 3rd Ring Road China

Entry ticket : 10 yuan

Opening hours : 8:30-16:30

Traffic : Bus No.s 300, 302, 367 and 718
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