Friday, March 31, 2006

Tiananmen Square Beijing : China Long History Square

When you think about China which city you will think the first. Most of people would think of Beijing which is the important city and of course Beijing is the capital city of China. And one thing comes with Beijing city, it is Tiananmen Square Beijing.

Are you ready to visit Tiananmen Square Beijing? Let's go !!

About Tiananmen Square : Famous, Important Square of China

Tiananmen Square is huge open space surrounded on all sides by imposing official buildings. Apart from being a popular gathering place for tourists and kite flyers, it is still often used for any big celebration and for the government leaders to address the people.

You can visit Tiananmen Square freely until 10.30pm at night. If you go during the day you can often buy a ticket to go up to the balcony from which the leaders address the people. This gives a very impressive view of the square and you can pretend to be the government figure of your choice

Getting to Tiananmen Square is best done by subway or walking as taxis are not really allowed to stop anywhere near it. Just find the Beijing Hotel on Changan Avenue, walk past it and keep going west on Changan Avenue. You can find many hotels if you travel here.

The Chinese name of Tiananmen Square is written below. You can use it to ask people directions or follow signs: 天安门

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