Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Chinese Lion : Ancient Power Symbol

In China, the lion is regarded as the king of the forests and of the other animals. Lion has thus long been used as a symbol of power and grandeur. It is even believed to offer protection from evil spinits. That’s why imposing statues of lions were placed at the gates of imperial palaces, official residences, temples and tombs in China. In cense burners and imperial seals were also often decorated with carved lions.

Lions can also been found in Tibet’s Potala Palace,though the Tibetan lions differ somewhat from those in other parts of China.

The china biggest lion,however,is an iron one at Cangzhou in Hebei China. Cast in the 10th century, it stands more than five meters high and weighs 49 tons.

In the China Qing Dynasty, stone lions were placed in temples and gardens In this period Chinese sculpture was far more lively. Some lions hold a ball in their forepaws,others roar.

In Chinese folk dances,this cruel and powerful beast has been tamed into a playful, even mischievous character. Wearing bells, he runs after a colorful ball, which bounces to the rhythm of the drums. He cavorts about, chases a ball up and down a swaying seesaw, scratches himself, lies down and pants or even drops off for 40 winks of sleep.

Source by : ccnt.com
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