Friday, September 15, 2006

Summer of Yalujiang River in China

Yalujiang RiverThe Yalujiang River extends along the western boundary between China and North Korea, and flows from a temperate deciduous forest source through extensive agricultural areas.

It discharges into the Yalujiang River estuary on the north-east Yellow Sea coast. The Yalujiang River estuary comprises in China a main channel and a secondary channel, the latter being silted and with little water flow.

The estuary is generally well-mixed as a result of a semi-diurnal tide , with strong tidal currents , which may affect the river waters up to 40 km inland. A turbidity maximum may extend up to 10 km in the upper estuary and total suspended load in the estuary can be high. The estuary is shallow. The budgeted area described here is for the main channel and estuary and includes 170 km2 water surface area with an estimated average depth of 6m.

The Yalujiang River china

Yalujiang River long-term averaged discharge rate is about 1,200 m. The sediment load is relatively low and concentrations of suspended matter are also often low. Compared with most Chinese rivers, phosphate in the Yalujiang River is relatively low but nitrate is very high.

The river receives input from cultivated land and from urban sewage/industrial wastes, especially in its lower reaches – up to 900m M NO3 concentration has been measure. In the dry season, the river nutrient profile is relatively stable reflecting groundwater and tributary inputs in the upper reaches of the river and urban/industrial waste loading from the lower reaches. Heavy summer rainfall and resultant flood flow probably results in strong leaching of nutrients from agricultural lands.

The physics and chemistry of the estuarine system have been studied by oceanographic cruises particularly in the 1990’s and the loads and inputs to the estuary have generally described by Zhang (1996), Zhang et al. (1997) and Zhang et al. (1998).

The area along Yalujiang River china has entered early Autumn. The scenery along the river turns stunningly beautiful.
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