Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chinese movies and Hollywood in the 1980s-1990s

Chinese Movie CoverThis was the golden era in China but also the most commercially exploited era of Chinese movie making.

There was a flood of Chinese movies ranging from martial arts, to love stories, to slapstick comedies, to Hollywood copycats as investors and movie makers seek the golden target from a finicky Chinese audience.

There were some commercial success but most movie ventures lost money.

Breaking the trend of Chinese movie flops was Jacky Chan, a up and coming martial art actor who laced his kung-fu movies with a hugh dose of humor and sometimes slapstick.

His movies became best sellers across not only in China or Hong Kong but Asia.

Bruce Lee - Legend Chinese Movie StarAround the same period, Tsui Hark, another great Hong Kong director, directed and produced a few blockblusters around the legends of an early Kung Fu master, Wong Fei Hong.

He also brought to fame Jet Li, a top martial arts champion from China, who was the key actor for many of his movies.

These led to a revival of martial arts movies, which had went into a downtrend ever since the death of Bruce Lee in 1973.

Not only were Chinese martial arts movies a great showcase for Chinese kung Fu, many of them had gripping storyline, great acting, strong production and strong social themes.

Jacky Chan, Famous Chinese Movie StarAnd the same time, up and coming talented directors and actors were coming out from mainland China as commercial film takes on a viability in China.

Taiwan film makers were also introducing good directors and actors or directors.

Not only did many of these Chinese movies took Chinese speaking society by storm, they also took Asia and eventually the rest of the world by storm. Chinese movie making talent had arrived on the world stage.
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