Thursday, July 13, 2006

Romance in Beijing

Chinese Couple in BeijingTo hunt for marriage partners, single white collars in Beijing have begun to change their focus from at a range of the whole city to smaller units-their own work places.

"We work from morning to evening. We have no chance to meet other boys/girls except our colleagues.

We don't want to be single, but there is no chance for us to change our situation," shrugged Li Yan, an office worker at Beijing Fenglian Plaza.

It is learned that finding a boyfriend or girlfriend has become a headache for many white collars.

Recently, Beijing Fenglian Plaza becomes a sea of lilies when a special matchmaking activity is in full swing.

Holding lilies, single office workers all from the same office building are organized together to seek their would-be boyfriend or girlfriend here, most of them being from well-known companies, such as Coca-cola and Dell.

Romance in Beijing SummerAlthough they work in the same building every day, they don't know each other until now when the chance is presented for them.

They also get access to their internal websites or mobiles to get to know each other in the same office building.

Meanwhile, similar office romances are also staged at several other famous office buildings in Beijing, such as Shangdu International Center, Jianwei Building, and Jing'an Center.

It is learned that sponsored by a biggest matchmaking website in China, the activity will cover 50 thousand single white collars.

It is the first time in Beijing for educated single youths to look for their marriage partners on a large scale among office employees in the same office buildings sharing similar backgrounds and status.
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