Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tianjin China : Bohai Gulf’s Diamond

Tianjin China MapTianjin China is one of the 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government in China.
Tianjin China is located in the northeast of the North China Plain and this is the city which closest seaport to Beijing. Tianjin China is one of the biggest industrial and port cities in China.

The best time to travel in Tianjin China

Tianjin China Day MarketTianjin China enjoys 4 distinct seasons a year and the best time I advise you to travel are spring and autumn.

What to see in Tianjin China

Tianjin China Sunset In TownThere are many beautiful travel attractions in Tianjin that you wont’ miss to visit

- Huangyaguan Great Wall
- Dagukou Emplacement
- Dule Temple
- Panshan Mountain Scenic Area
- Haihe Park
- Water Park
- Central Line Scenic Area
- Culture and Food Streets

Tianjin China Night TimeAlso you should enjoy several and variety of foods that is quite different from other regions in China. The famous Tianjing-style braised creamed cabbage ( steamed stuff buns called “goubuli” ). Fist and seafood are also very common.

Tianjin China is one province which you shouldn’t miss to travel. You will see the local style, people, travel attractions and foods, It is easy to fall in love in this beautiful province.
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