Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween Style of China

Halloween of China
The month of October 2006 Halloween chinese has come and gone. To me it has always ment the coming and going of seasons. This is the month that warm turns to cold, green turns to gold, and all people celebrate, young or old. Halloween is a great holiday that I always look forward to. I've always made a point to celebrate this holiday and to teach children in whatever country I am in how much fun it can be. Who doesn't like getting candy, carving pumpkins, and dressing up Celebrating this holiday in China was a little bit different. I learned the absolute power, the incredible mass, and the invincible strength that the Chinese possess. I have seen people packed in train staions of china, I've seen streets full of families, but one thing I have never seen is the children of China in action.

I went into my class and tried Halloween china of ded not to rouse the kids too much. I was covered in makeup and dressed like a true vampire as soon as I entered the room the screams and laughter erupted. I watched as the children transformed into candy hungry monsters. The children's eyes all widened, their sugar craving stomachs began to growl. It seemed as if they all became possessed by an overactive, overexcited, super child. There was no turning back now, I closed the door and started the lesson.

Halloween Chinese Style

We were to calmly explain to the children what would happen during the break. On the hour the children were to coolly walk from door to door, knock politely, get their candy, and move on to the next classroom. They were to stay on their floor. No pushing, no shoving, no stomping or stealing. They were to return to their class ten minutes after being let out. To the point rules that are easy to understand. No matter how hard I tried to get their attention I could not break their stare from the clock. As each minute passed they became more and more restless. Whatever I was said to them was no important now, candy was coming, that’s all they cared about.

I nervously watched as the clock ticked one minute closer to break of China Halloween, there were only a few minutes remaining. I ran over the rules one more time and tried to keep them calm. They started to jump out of their seats. Determined to get as much candy as possible their drive was incredible. I tried to block the door. They all began shouting and pushing, they were all against me.

[ Source : From community.travelchinaguide.com ]
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