Saturday, October 21, 2006

National Wax Museum of China

National Museum of China
The National Wax Museum of China preserves the images of famous Chinese and foreign figures from the past and present to show one side of human civilization.A number of skilled sculptors and wax artists work for the museum recreating the likenesses in a historical and subjective manner of a wide variety of famous figures of the past and present.

The exhibits include figures from the ups and downs of the country and her people, such as far-sighted and wise politicians and military figures and revered thinkers and teachers of the past.There are also wax statues of the brightest from the People’s Republic in the field of science and technology alongside Chinese historians and literary giants whose masterpieces have had a great impact on later generations working in the fields of history and literature, plus champion athletes and film and television stars.Also represented in the museum are revolutionary pioneers who gave their lives for the Chinese nation for the cause of Liberation and ordinary citizens who unselfishly gave their lives in the line of duty.The statues bring the characters to life and enhance them due to the great skill of the artists.

The Chinese nation has been around for thousands of years and has produced large numbers of heroes and a civilization that has caught the attention of the world. The entire country has been unanimous in praising the government’s reform and opening up policy, which has scored many great achievements. The really great men are truly found in this age alone. The National Wax Museum of China is constantly working to expand and develop into a great, high-level wax museum.

[ Source : from nationalmuseum ]
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