Saturday, January 27, 2007

Beijing Badachu Park (Ba Da Chu)

Ba Da Chu ParkBaDaChu is a large park in the western hills of Beijing, about 8 kilometers south of XiangShan Park and about 25 kilometers from central Beijing. Well forested, the park covers an area of 250 Hectares.

BaDaChu Park is comprised of eight historic sites: Buddhist temples and nunneries, some still active, that are nestled in three mountain slopes in the Western Fragrant Hills.

Visitors can stroll from one temple to another, enjoying the beautiful scenery and admiring ancient pine, cypress, willow and gingko trees. Some of the trees in BaDaChu Park have been standing for over 600 years.

Ba Da Chu Park

Although not as high as XiangShan, it is still quite a trek to the top of BaDaChu Park (460m), but a very peaceful and enjoyable one. There are good views of Beijing in the distance. A cable car is available for the journey up or down.

Especially popular in autumn when the hills turn red, BaDaChu Park in china is an attractive and peaceful place to visit all year round.

One can arrive in BaDaChu by bus or taxi from XiZhiMen or PingGuoYuan subway stations.

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