Monday, January 01, 2007

Fit for fat in Beijing

Fit for fat in BeijingAn overseas'posting,holiday or study tour can be an excuse to let the fitness routine slide. Everyone's heard of or experienced the situation where you come home a little heavier than you left-and we're not talking about the gifts in your suitcase

Here we were determined to be good hosts while you're in our town,and not let that happen to you We want to make sure the only thing that expands while you are here is your business network

We propose to do this by listing the most popular fitness trends from around the globe along with some local favourites and matching them with convenient and high-quality service providers right here in Beijing.So get your running shoes on and check out whats on offer.

Boxercise or Boxaerobics

An extremely physical form of exercise that mirrors the kinds of training Olympic boxers endure.Constantly moving,hands held in front of the face in the classic boxing stance,the exercise looks a lot like what a previous generation would have called'shadow boxing'.Because of the high level of aggression involved,proponents claim this physical regime helps them develop the sort of mental toughness associated with success in life.


Yoga in beijing is actually a set of holistic spiritual beliefs,but most people know it purely for the exercise regime part of the system that takes the same name.Devotees will tell you that there are as many systems as there are people doing yoga,but in fact it is fairly easy to divide yoga into several different "schools" that have quite different emphasis. Characterised by its gentle stretches and subtle position changes,breathing exercises and minimal equipment, yoga can be practised well into old age.

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