Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anciant Performance Chinese Opera

About chinese opera

The main features of Chinese Opera are a spectacle of song and dance which, together with the colorful costumes, make-up, acrobats, jesters, storytellers, acting, poetry and martial arts combine to present the Opera in a very attractive way. This is the another way to perform people know about China.

Majority of the chinese opera's clothing design came from the Ming Dynastys of China. The hand-made clothing that delicate in every details, embroideries, pinning or jeweled girdles. Attractive features peoply by their different styles of face painting and hairdresses of each performer.

Over the past 800 years, Chinese opera has evolved into many different regional varieties based on local traits and accents.

Today in China, there are over 300 dazzling regional opera styles. Kun opera, which originated around Jiangsu Province, is a typical ancient opera style and features gentleness and clearness.

This enabled it to be ranked among the World Oral and Intangible Heritages. Qinqiang opera from Shaanxi, known for its loudness and wildness, and Yu opera, Yue opera, and Huangmei Opera are all very enjoyable.

Beijing Opera , the best-known Chinese opera style, was formed from the mingling of these regional styles.

Chinese opera is one anciant culture in China which is still appear untill now, even the world goes on with hi-technology.
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