Friday, May 19, 2006

Asean Mediterranean : Fujian Fuzhou China

Fujian is a province in Fuzhou capital of China. Fujian is situated on China’s southeastern coast of China.

Fujian faces to the island of Taiwan. In the north Fujian borders to Zhejiang, Jiangxi to the west and to the south Guangdong China.
Occupation of Fujian is around 120,000 square kilometers and the permanent resident population is above 34.7 million.

Fujian China has a year-round warm and humid climate you can travel in all seasons.

Travel attractions

Mount Wuyi (Wu Yi Shan) you will impressed with its beautiful mountains and transparent waters. Including Gulangyu Island or nickname “The Garden on the Sea” this is the heaven of sea breezes and sunshine you will feel like travel in Mediterranean.

There is the longest and most prestigious history of Buddhist shrines : Nanputuo Temple.

Earth Towers of the Hakkas in Yongding area are the much fabled mountain residences in this world of make believe.
The industrious and facile Hui'an women in the south of Fujian add much to their folk customs.

The Kaiyuan Temple looks splendid, glittering and grand despite its age. Fujian China also is a place where famous national heroes like Lin Zexu and Zheng Chenggong lived and won their seats of honor in history books.

If you are the one who addict to drink tea, you would know Oolong tea which is mild and good aromatic and Oolong tea from Fujian China is the best product that you can’t miss to shop for souvenir.
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